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A Little About Us

We specialize in documentary-style videos with an artistic touch and capture a lot of “fun stuff” that happens throughout the reception. This makes us unique in this business. Most video companies concentrate on the artistry of the ceremony and pre-ceremony but don’t get as much footage of the reception - while we concentrate on full coverage of the entire day. We have found that most of our customers love watching the craziness toward the end of the night as much as the beauty of the ceremony.

On your wedding day, we blend in with the crowd - which is another way we differ from other video companies. We don’t use large tripods, rolling carts, or big cameras that make your wedding look like a major motion picture production. We use small, low-light, HD cameras that allow us to use extra lighting only when needed. And since our lights are on dimmers, we can adjust them to your preference. We pride ourselves on being very unobtrusive at your affair. We are not the center of attention - YOU ARE! Our most frequent compliment is, “We didn’t even know you were there.”

History of Martin's Video

John Martin, the founder of Martin’s Video, became acquainted with videography in the late 1970s while working with casino surveillance in Atlantic City. That industry was ahead of its time in video technology, and a few years later, consumer VCRs came along. In 1981, John started a part-time video production business in South Jersey and had a vision that this new and innovative technology would change people’s lives - reliving special moments through not only sight but sound as well. And, you could actually watch it on TV (which amazed everyone back then)!

By the 1990s, wedding videos became more commonplace, and many couples were getting them. Already established and doing dozens of weddings a year, John and his wife, Dawn, expanded to Cape May, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas and made it a full-time regional business.

Although still widely known as Martin’s Video in South Jersey, their official name became Martin’s. . . Accent Wedding Videos so that potential customers in the new areas would know that they specialize in wedding videos just by seeing their name. While weddings represent the great majority of their business, they also have done hundreds of bar/bat mitzvahs, parties, and other special events.

Martin’s now has several full - and part-time employees - most of whom are family members. They video more weddings than any other company in the tri-state region. John and Dawn personally oversee the entire operation and devote all of their time to making Martin’s. . . Accent Wedding Videos the best out there in service, satisfaction, and product for the price.

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